Why I love food

I have often noticed that when I am around my friends and a platter of flavorful confections are laid out, my mood is elevated as my mind shifts back to a memory of childhood spending time in my mom’s busy kitchen.

I had recognized that with me at least, memories (pleasant ones) were invariably tied to a pleasure able scent emanating from the oven.

Today I was glad to read that scientists had indeed confirmed this nose/memory connection.



Why Smells Evoke Memories So Vividly
April 30, 2014

Brain regions are synchronized as neurons fire at a common frequency.

“Nothing is more memorable than a smell.

One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains; another, a moonlit beach; a third, a family dinner of pot roast and sweet potatoes during a myrtle-mad August in a Midwestern town.” ~ Diane Ackerman

Or, in the somewhat less poetic language of science: areas of the brain that are central to long-term memory and the sense of smell are coupled together by brain waves oscillating at 20-40 hertz.

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What are you thinking?

‘Mind-Reading’ Scientists Reconstruct Human Faces From Brain Scans

Scientists have now used brain scanners to hack into our thoughts like never before.

After scanning the brains of men and women who were looking at photos of different faces, researchers at Yale University have found a way to reconstruct the image of those faces based solely on patterns of neural activity in the brain scans. Mind. Blown.

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The 13-Year-Old Who Is Championing World Literacy, a Million Books at a Time

By  | The Good News – Tue, Jan 28, 2014 5:26 PM EST

Freedom begins in the mind, and one 13-year-old girl aims to liberate children the world over with a book campaign to advocate world literacy.

When she was only 8, Maria Keller took it upon herself to begin collecting books for kids. She founded her own nonprofit, Read Indeed, and this month surpassed her goal of sending over a million books to children in various parts of the globe.

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Who says science birthday parties are boring?

Ok, so I have to admit, this image (and train of thought) is from a few years ago.  I was a little skeptical when we heard that the kids were going to be making elastopolymers at the party.  ScienceBday.

As you can see in the photograph, they were captivated. I admit, I do not have the creativity to envision this kind of party and this was just one of the stations available for the kids to get hands on with science. It was a hit!


Thanks for taking me with you. I love watching the wonder in your eyes.


Secret Adventures (if big brother thinks its cool, then it is!)

Little man,

As I loaded the dishwater the other night, I watched intently as the two of you gathered at the dining room table.  One would think that the two of you were

Big brother teaches little sister addition and subtraction.

Big brother teaches little sister addition and subtraction.

playing with the latest gadget, or building the coolest Lego spaceship.  Instead, what you two had in had were a pencil, a napkin, a keen curiosity, a desire to share, and a desire to learn.

Who says math can’t be cool? by Leslie Crawford

Little man, I have seen you go out of your way all the time to teach your sister.  As you can see, I had my old phone on hand and was able to capture this moment.  And yes, you two have turned our dining table into a table for arts and crafts and learning time, too.

I love math, I hope that love has passed on to you as well.  I love when you go out of your way to stump me with math equations you create.  (I win if I can solve them without the use of pencil and paper.)

If a child can learn to think math is fun, or for that matter, education is fun, what is their potential in life?  I was proud to see you working with her.  I see such great hope in you both.


Asleep on the couch…

So it came to pass early today, on a freezing, drizzly morning, that Google notified me that my journey to drop my daughter off at school on time was off to a 5 minute late start. We hurried out the door and made our way onto the highway that was jam-packed with autos all rushing as best they could.

Dad! Carter!…


Flashback: Carter, a cute, cuddly plush toy that somehow survived my 7 year old’s childhood and was immediately adopted by baby sister.  Carter’s fur is no longer quite as plush.  He, it, survived the teething of two children and for the most part is still as cute as he was when he/it first joined our household 7 years ago.

I admit, I hate running late.  I hate being misdirected.  I hate dealing with traffic (as such, I take great pains to ensure my time on the road is minimized to the necessary minutes required for delivery and drop-off and employment arrival).  So when I heard those words I knew right then and there what had happened.  I cringed.  Then in the milliseconds between my breaths I went through every scenario that I knew a frustrated dad could go and none of them ended pretty.  So instead, I looked her in the eyes through the rearview mirror and I said, “Let’s go get him!” with a sincere smile and adventurous voice.

At that moment I saw the relief in her eyes.  She knew that her daddy was not mad, we exited the highway and got back on via  a turnaround.  When I quizzed her about where Carter might be, she said “asleep on the couch”.  Pulling up into the garage I entered our home and retrieved our sleeping Carter to the joys and smiles of a contented little girl.  Arrival time at school 8:44 (14 minutes later than usual).  Arrival time at work 9:12 am, no rushing, no dashing on the highway, only the feeling of contentment knowing that my little girl had a wonderful start to her day and so did I.

Really neat blog I ran across today…

So I ran across this blog today and it made me wonder about how I am when my little girl and I are out and about. You see, right now, she wants to spend every opportunity she can with me, whether its taking the garbage can outside, washing our dog, painting art work, you name it. It’s flattering. And I cherish every moment of it because I know that at some point in the future, this will go away.

But for now, we make up silly stories and we rhyme out nonsensical sentences no matter where we are. So, the blog that I have a link to below, looks at a daddy and his little girl on just such an excursion not unlike ones she and I have embarked on.

Love you A,


What Little Girls Wish Daddies Knew by Tara Hedman

1. How you love me is how I will love myself.

2. Ask how I am feeling and listen to my answer, I need to know you value me before I can understand my true value.

3. I learn how I should be treated by how you treat my mom, whether you are married to her or not.

and 22 others

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