Children + Literacy > |crime|

How much money would you invest to reduce crime in your community? No, I am not talking about a youth intervention program. I am talking about a pre-Kindergarten literacy initiative. …not the rote “A…B…C…” songs, but a program that teaches the rules of English.

Just for reference, take a look at the

Would you support it if it meant that your taxes would lessen? What about if your auto and home insurance policies cost less? What if it meant less graffiti, less crime?

In a 2005 study, Judy A. Temple and Arthur J. Reynolds, discovered that data from the Chicago Longitudinal Study showed that “Children who participated as of age 3 or 4 are less likely to require school remediation services such as special education placement and grade retention; and they are more likely to complete high school and are less likely to commit crimes as juveniles and young adults.”


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