Parenting = Pro…

Parenting = Protection + Correction (Part 1)

When are children are young, we need to be their voice.  Teasing from anyone, whether stranger, or relative, towards our children must not be tolerated.  Though often times the teasing is done with ignorance and we, not wanting to “cause a scene”, choose to shrug it off, the message we teach our children is that it is okay to be on the receiving end.  Instead, they should be learning, by way of watching us, how to stop the teasing right away.  This is why we need to step in (whether stranger or relative).  We need to listen, watch, and be attentive.  The environment could be a public playground or in a relatives backyard; it is our job, when our children are in attendance, to not only be a responsible role-model (that is another post altogether) but we need to be ready to act.  The belief that it is up to them to learn to defend themselves is misguided.  Children lack the social experience and brain development to properly handle themselves. (Their frontal lobes don’t fully develop until into their mid 20’s)  We are their safety net when they are young and we owe it to them the ability to see us, the adults, be ready to step up and offer loving, albeit stern correction to anyone that would choose otherwise for our children.


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