Welcome to your Daily Brain Fiber.  I will be publishing content regarding child and youth development and the factors that can inhibit their potential.  I am a parent of two beautiful children and the surrogate parent to many, many  of their friends.  I am a technology specialist with a love for economics, education, and the workings of the brain.  I am in awe of teachers and stay-at-home parents and their ability to “hold it together” with all the stresses that come with those vocations.  I have worked in corporate America and in the non-profit sectors.  I have worked with children and adults, and adults who act like children.  I grew up in an impoverished neighborhood and was blessed to have been able to escape the societal poverty that surrounded me.  I look forward to sharing my findings welcome your questions and commentary.

All the best,



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I applaud what you are intending to do and wish you the very best of luck. One suggestion: You should have a “Contact” page so those of us who would like to contact you don’t have to clutter up your post comments. I’ll be watching what you post and, with your permission, may reblog it on my own blog (with total attribution to you). The blog is: http://criticalskillsblog.com

    Check it out, and if you feel like there are posts we can share, then let’s share them. If not, then just delete this reply – and I wish you the best of luck.

    Charlie Jett

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